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Crystal Clarke
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Jewellery Care

Always keep Jewellery by Crystal Clarke and Stuart Slater in the Jewellery Box provided as this will protect the Jewellery.

Do not store Jewellery in direct sunlight.

All Jewellery benefits from being handled and worn with care and kept clean. Jewellery should not be worn in the shower, bath, pool, hot tub, the sea, whilst cleaning and gardening where it will be susceptible to damage if you do.

Always put your Jewellery on after you have applied perfume, cosmetics, deodorants and body sprays.

Long exposure of to the air and environment will tarnish most metals. Precious Metals can be cleaned with a good quality polishing cloth, or warm soapy water and a very soft toothbrush. Avoid dipping the Jewellery in polishing solutions, this is not recommended for our Jewellery.

Copper will tarnish very quickly so if you like the bright new copper look, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice to a cupful of water and soak the Copper for a few minutes, then rinse and dry.
Keeping your Copper Jewellery clean will help in the prevention of oxidation which may turn your skin green, it is the oxidation reaction when Copper reacts with oxygen in the air, your sweat and skin oils can create a green layer of copper carbonate on your skin.
When you remove your Copper Jewellery wipe it with a clean soft cloth which will clean any sweat and body oils off your Copper Jewellery.
The cleaner you keep your Copper Jewellery the less likely your skin will discolour from oxidation.

Do not soak the Mixed Media elements of our Jewellery in water, these can be just wiped with a damp cloth.

Pearls are Organic Gemstones so always wipe them with a soft lint free cloth before putting them away in the Jewellery Box, do not leave them in a box for long periods as this may cause them to dehydrate, wear them regularly to allow them to breathe.
If your pearls get dirty you can clean them with mild soapy water using a small amount of baby soap as it is gentle and PH Neutral, and dry them thoroughly before storing them in the Jewellery Box.

The majority of Gemstones can be cleaned in the same way as Pearls. On the porous softer gemstones, do not soak them, just wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly. With the harder gemstones you can use a soft toothbrush.

Finally, Wear and Enjoy your Jewellery by Crystal Clarke and Stuart Slater!